Most taverns are all family run on the island and they are the perfect spot to sit on the beach to indulge in classical greek food. Traditional menus include a variety of appetizers, meat dishes, and vegetarian options. The prices are very reasonable, and the service is fast and friendly. For a later trip be sure the enjoy the sunset on the main beach. There are also no ATM’s so be sure to bring cash with you.

With Papas Yachting you can spend as much time as you want exploring the island and we’ll be ready for you when you leave.

Pserimos is one of the remotest islands, and one of the smallest. There are no streets, so it’s the ideal island for those looking for seclusion, tranquility and total privacy. All the beaches of Pserimos are mainly sandy with turquoise waters.

Surrounded by white washed houses and cobblestone alleys, the settlement of Pserimos is built on the remnants of the ancient settlement of the island. Traces of walls, pottery sherds and fragments of hellinistic alters survive in the area. The crystal clear waters of the island are ideal for snorkeling lovers. In fact, Pserimos is believed to have the cleanest seawaters in the Dodecanese.